back in the present...

all this tpc3 talk is getting old, at least to me. so i decided since we've already filled up about 11 tapes this year i should get a head start on the next tpc video project. here's some throwaway footy from a saturday out in minneapolis.


busted by the pipe -mlucas


10 bucks

ship to You free, yo.
^this many copies gotta go
Over an hour of bonu$ footage.



so yeah the party is saturday night at kocons parents up in blizaine. i think we'll do 2 showings one early around 930 10ish, and one later like 12. for the peeps showin up late.


sorry for the lackeging of postages but im burin the first copy of tpc3 right now. i think im going to make about ten copies to sell at hotspot because the produced copies wont be in for at least two weeks, but at least with that you get a cover and a dvd that looks nice. so be one of the lucky few to get a first addition dvd starting saturday or sunday depending on when the premier party is. which will probably go down tomorrow or saturday night at kocon's parents house, being that they're out of town and have a giant tv and pool. byob. o yeah and if your in the video ill probably just give you a copy so dont bother buying it