bonegnar LP now in High 8 production
I need to transfer the footage to mini dv with S-Video if i can get to use master chin's TRV900. otherwise steve is going to get me his dazzle from his parents house. ASAP! ( we have one more boner session to bang out before the second (last) tape is filled up.)


sour citizens

these two people also play a small part in tpc3. you'll know what i mean soon enough... i wont spoil it like crazyz did.


tpc3 update:

we're back from la and it was sick. ill have some pics of that later but for now i have to get back to work on tpc3. also i just found the 2 tapes that i had lost that had a few important shots on them. im predicting two weeks till im done editing and then another two before it will be in the shop but it might be sooner.


happy birthday matt parker!

its matts 23rd birthday (yesterday) and im sure he'll party even harder since we're going to la on saturday!!! fuck this state. though, i heard it's gonna be nice as hell here so hopefully the bonerboys will get to skate outside and not just us.



art school is pretty demanding. I reckon ill be hangin out with my mortal kombat friends & dumb ass fuckin paul when tpc is out getting reckoned in the land of buck.

boner boy MIA

haven't heard from the better half of the boner boys for a while... i guess art school can be pretty demanding. where you at crazyZ (craze-easy)?

ender status:

editing matts nearly 4 minute long part is tough, what's even tougher is picking a good song that fits his style.


inner city pressure.

alex, alex, alex...

you should know it's not polite to point, also not very wise to drink all that old crow and make a fool of yourself when kirk has a camera...


dude, on school grounds?

almost forgot to give a shout out to the one and only RYAN BATTIS! mofo just got off "battis status" and was ripping it on his spring break. good to see you out man, even though you took a stray wierdo's board to the dome you still kept on shredding. battis has a shot or two in the friends section. have fun at school dude.


this (crazy) red headed fucker is back after giving up filming for the future. he now makes up half of the infamous "boner boys." they dont share a part in tpc3, but there might be some boner boy extras.


just putting the finishing touches on jerks (epic) part.


a good camera goes a long ways-
---as you can see epic air from---
-underneath - the lurking camera
-got me - doing a flat ground kick
flip, with brand new vans & board
--not in T P C 3 may be 4. . . . . . . .
send death lens donations to shit-house



dan coe is on his phone more than his board but what can i say he's better than me. be sure to check out his sick little section, only in tpc3, it's "gangster."


tpc3 update:

i've uploaded over 500 clips so far with about 10 tapes left... im not sure if it will be done before LA but its possible. ill keep you posted about the premier party when thats all figured out.