jerk and me at one of kocon's secret spots

TightPanC3 ---------------------------- welcome to the circus


alex tivis!

...has a few shots in the video too...

here are some frames of him trying to pop over a stretched out gap
his landing was a little off though...
he rolled through the slam...
then popped up doing his predator dance.

ill post more screenshots as i go through the footage.


kirk the jirk is back, and this time hes about gettin' GOLD


recovered garbage

the only footage i could get off that broke ass hard drive was this junk that i wasn't even gonna use for anything.

tpc3 lineup

i dont think its ever really been stated as to who would actually be in the video, since i didn't even know, until went through it all, who would have enough footage for what. being that its called tpc 3 you'll be seeing full(ish) parts from matt parker, kirk knoll and myself with a kocon and emon shared part. additionally zack goulet and paul winberg both have there own parts, which is surprising because they didn't film for quite as long as the rest of us but are natural born shredders so they pulled it off. also theres some kick ass friend footage, with a nice chunk of that going to dan coe. definitely full length compared to the hotspot promo from last spring.


update: shits fucked

bad news for me and anyone anxious for this video to be done... my external hard drive is totally fucked and broke on me just as the video was nearing completion. so now i have to go all the way back to the tapes, of which there are like 50, and put all the shit back on a new drive and then edit it all over. i deserve it for being an r-tard and not backing the shit up. fuck you ty evens. i do however have a rough draft in ipod format to go off of after i get through the tapes. i hope to be done before we go to la in march. so look for it around the middle of march. fuck.

tpc 3

coming soon